Captain Ha'rog is the Captain of the Guard of the Orvik Clans. He is second in charge to General Ma'grub.

Early LifeEdit

Captain Ha'rog grew up in a village near Gorek Pass, He was a troubled boy, but he showed true strength. Many feared him, but everyone respected him. He was rather cruel, but kind and respectful to those he liked. When he was about fifteen, he joined the army.

Captain of the GuardEdit

Four years later, He was placed as Captain of the Guard by Warchief Za'kul himself. Ha'rog fought in the Ala'nar Onslaught on the front lines, and never turned away from battle until all of his soldiers fled, and the enemy was numerous. Even still, he hated having to go back, But he had fear of dying before it was his time. This did not simple mean he was scared, but more that he thought he was destined to die at a later date, for something greater than a simple battle. When the Ala'nar Dominion pushed more into southern Arkmoor, It was he who pointed Gorek Pass out to General Ma'grub. He helped fight in the Relaim Civil War.


Captain Ha'rog is a normal orc, Strong and powerful. He, unlike General Ma'grub, is more cruel to people. However, Aslong as you stay out of his way as much as possible, he will usually be more reserve with his cruelty. Even though he showed General Ma'grub the way through Gorek Pass, He disliked using it. He thought running was the cowardice thing to do.