Commander Anoreth is the general of the military and native to Shad'wen in the League of Sha.

Early LifeEdit

Anoreth was born in southeastern Shad'wen in the ancient city of Nemais. However, she migrated north to a really old forest across the northern river. Not much is known of the time there except that Anoreth worked on her marksmanship with a bow, and excelled in it. She was in the north when the Nimerians unintentionally "invaded" Shad'wen. 

The Order of ShadrasEdit

When the Nimerians conqueored Shad'wen for themselves, most of the native darkelves went into hiding. Only about two fifths of the natives actually revealed and joined the their Nimerian brothers, One of which was Anoreth. She didn't like having them "ruling" her people at first, but when the Great War ended, Commander Laurus decided to form her own nation, being branched off from her own people. She named it the League of Sha, a combined empire of Nimerians and the native darkelves.

The League of ShaEdit

With the new nation in power, Anoreth decided to officially join. She proved her worth with a bow, and Lady Laurus was impressed. Lady Laurus made her the new general of the League of Sha. To which Anoreth did great things in uniting the people of Shad'wen.


Commander Anoreth is one of the few "good" darkelves in the world. Most darkelves are generically unfriendly, and alot evil. But even fewer naturally good, regardless of reputation. (The general assumption of darkelves is 50% neutrally unfriendly, 25% good, 25% evil). She is kind, but usually doesn't show it with Lady Laurus and Mistress Iseus around. Also has developed a mysterious attraction to books after her training in the woods in the north, she also has a favorite that she keeps on her or her tiger.