Commander Gaius Halmath is the captain of the guard in the Trimire Republic.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Gaius' life, only that he made a name for himself when he joined Leagus Roland's forces. He claims to have been born and raised on a farm, though there are no recollections of it by anyone other than himself.

Baron's LieutenantEdit

Gaius eventually was a fierce fighter and was luckily promoted to a lieutenant of Roland. He didn't battle much after that, but he did spend alot of his time commanding any battles that they did participate in.

The Trimire RepublicEdit

After Rubik Leylynn came to reunite all of Alen Remia as the Trimire Republic, and made Roland his general, Roland was swift to recommend Gaius for the position of captain of the guard. After thinking, Rubik eventually did promote him to the position. This was lucky as it fit Gaius perfectly. 


Gaius Halmath is a good captain, and usually maintains order in the Republic. He is a rather usual person, who is usually kind, however he does have days where hes a bit cruel.