Highlord Rubik Leylynn was a former councilor Emperor Artemis II of the First Humanic Empire and leader of the Trimire Republic.

Early LifeEdit

Rubik grew up in the province of Alen Remia during the First Humanic Empire. When he was ten he learned to hunt, and about another two years later he began to learn the tactics of a warrior. When he was fifteen, he began to fully train as a warrior, and two years later as a soldier. He slowly began to rise up the ranks of the military. When he was twenty two, his military record had been so good that he was able to retire and was personally asked by the Emperor Artemis II to be on his council.

The Royal CouncilEdit

Before the Great War, He was one of the four people chosen to be on the Emperor Artemis II's personal council. The four members were Rubik Leylynn, Alumn Orak, Aldren Buckle, and Gamren Moratus. They advised him on many things, But when the Great War broke out, Gamren assassinated Emperor Artemis II. He tried to run, but was eventually caught and executed and as many ways as possible. When the war ended, The three remaining councilors decided to split the empire between the three of them. Thus, the Kingdom of Stormtyre rallied under Aldren Buckle, the Wizards of Waldewynn rallied under Alumn Orak, and the Trimire Republic rallied under Rubik Leylynn. 

Leader of the Trimire RepublicEdit

After Rubik took command of the Trimire Republic, He appointed his old friend Laegus Roland to the military commander of the Republic. After which, he persuaded Rubik to appoint Gaius Halmath to Captain of the Guard. After some concideration, he did. Together they work to make the Trimire Republic to be the strongest bastion of human power in the world.


Rubik Leylynn is a loyalist of the human people. He has a strong dislike for Dark Elves and a lack of respect for the Kingdom of Stormtyre. He is a strong-hearted man, an excellent warrior, and a wise ruler.