Queen Anoril Starfall is the leader of the elven Kingdom of Relais in Relaim. She is a great archer, trained by one of the best archer in Tilvas.

Early LifeEdit

Anoril Starfall was born about thirty years before the Great War. Her father, Zargus, was the previous King of Relaim with the humans. However, when she was about ten, a major uprising occured in Relaim. The Dark Goddess, Vien, used her power to enslave several priests of Quenin Oen. They were mindcontrolled and forced to become Servants of Vien. However, they eventually were given their freedom back, but at that point they became true followers of Vien. They formed the Vienians, a secret group for cultists of Vien. They poisioned King Zargus Starfall, leading to his death. This lead to a nation-wide investigation, which allowed them to find the Vienians. A war began, and it was too late. The Vienians had already corrupted fellow nobles, which were trying to overthrow the "Royals". The war raged for eight years before Anoril Starfall became Queen after the regent Lord Re'bien, a former faithful advisor to her father.


As soon as Anoril became queen, she took charge to fight the rebels. It had been ten years since the tides of the war changed. She had previously promoted her good friend Quel'den Aren to Lord General. He also helped persuage her to look to magic as the answer to her problems. She eventually tested and promoted Haylem Orsos to Grand Magister. Together, they lead one finaly strike that changed the war. With rumors of the Ala'nar Onslaught coming true, the Orvik Clans lead a "Death March" into Relaim. They eventually met the elven forces, and agreed to a peace. This lead them to attack the rebels and conqueor the city of Amnestad. In both cities, elves and orcs were lined throughout the streets, celebrating "Arshaz Onos No Onshafore The", the end of the Civil War with fire in the skies and many dragonhawks flying about. During this celebration, Queen Anoril Starfall and Warchief Za'kul Gorob signed the Treaty of Relaim.


Queen Anoril Starfall is descriped as a faithful strong woman. She never let anyone take advantage of her, not even when learning from her father. She has a strong love for her friend Quel'den Aren, and great likeness for Haylem Orsos. If anyone threatens her people, she will be the first in the line for battle. She is one of the greatest rangers of Tilvas. She is of equal potential with Quel'den, however neither can beat the other. They each show strengths the others lack, and can't improve, thus making them an incredible team.