The Urmak Congregation is the remaining orcs that have rebuilt their ravaged land in southern Arkmoor. They are allies with their orcish brothers, the Orvik Clans.

The SlaughteringEdit

The Orvik Clan that once lived in central Arkmoor, came under attack by the Ala'nar Onslaught. After Orvik evacuations, they eventually fled Arkmoor. The Remaining Orcs clans whom survived had called forth for help. The Master Shaman Sal'goroth asked the elements and the God of Dieties for help. They responded both by choosing two orcs of their Culmination of clans. Mor'gul was chosen to be the chieftain of the orc resistance. The best warrior, Hak'mud, was also chosen, to be general to Chieftain Mor'gul. Upon the moon of the two being chosen as the head of this new Clan, they renamed their people the Urmak Congregation.

The Urmak CongregationEdit

The Urmak Congregation, lead by Chieftain Mor'gul, fought back against the Ala'nar Dominion. They won their first victory. Since then, the battles have all been stalemates. The War has since been ended in Year One of the First Era